About Jacob Monk

Jacob Monk is a Textile Designer with a woven specialism, having graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 2016. 
Passionate about the exploration of different materials and techniques Jacob creates hand-woven designs for a range of applications with a focus on using colour to give traditional techniques a playful, contemporary feel.
"What he does is so well thought-out, creative, original, and very commercial. He has a real link with a fibre like wool which is not so easy to create, and his work is truly exciting." - Aline Galimberti, Chief Designer at Dormeuil 
"Jacob is using so many different techniques with the wool, and then he uses the outcomes again in print. It is very considered and he is not afraid to experiment and push bounderies. It is very subtle. Then he gives you a sense, a sketch, of how he envisages the collection being applied to menswear. It doesn't stay an idea - its a complete story. This is what I do with my menswear, so I can appreciate what he is doing." - Jonathan Christopher of Jonathan Christopher Homme.
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