About Jacob Monk

Jacob Monk is a textile designer and artist with a woven specialism, having trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. He now works out of his studio at Cockpit Arts in South East London.

​Influenced by the traditional and very ancient technique Ikat- The process of creating a pattern through the binding and dyeing of the warp yarns before being woven. A tight wrapping is put around sections of the warp before dyeing to protect the original colour of the yarn. The wrapping is then removed and can be repositioned before dyeing again. 

Jacob creates designs that are very playful using a range of rich and vibrant colour in different proportions, often inspired by nature such as tropical plants and exotic birds. He combines Ikat with different dip dyeing techniques to create something truly original. Creating the design in the warp yarns gives a sense of movement vertically as colours change, merging into each other, and finished pieces have an almost hand painted look to them.

Exploring fibres such as wool, cotton and viscose, as these give a more matt and textured finish to the woven fabric. Celebrating the history and craftsmanship that goes into making an ikat fabric, whilst also breaking away from tradition, gives a fresh and contemporary look. The finished product is framed ready for display in both domestic and public spaces.

"What he does is so well thought-out, creative, original, and very commercial. He has a real link with a fibre like wool which is not so easy to create, and his work is truly exciting." - Aline Galimberti, Chief Designer at Dormeuil 

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